Why Californians Should Hire Energy Consultants to Increase Design Options & Find Long-term Savings

All newly constructed buildings in California must comply with Title 24, or the California Building Standards Code. While a building can be designed to comply with these codes without the help of an energy consultant, hiring a technology consulting firm that specializes in energy both opens up additional design options and provides potential long-term savings. If you're constructing a commercial building in California, here's why you may want to pay an energy consulting firm to help you design a building that's Title 24-compliant. [Read More]

HOA: 5 Things You Need For A Successful Community Clean-Up & Yard Sale Event

If you are on the board of directors for a homeowner's association, you may want to consider hosting an annual community clean-up event to give your residents the ability to get rid of unwanted items and, at the same time, raise funds for your association or a local charity. Your residents can bring their unwanted items to the location where the items will be assessed by volunteers and either thrown away, recycled, donated, or sold. [Read More]

6 Clear Benefits Of HAZWOPER Training

If you work at a hazardous site, or plan to, training is available that will prep you for many disasters you might face at the workplace. Called HAZWOPER, it stands for Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response, and this particular training is designed to get you certified to handle such crises in 40 hours or less. If the training happens to be optional for you and you're on the fence about its importance, here are six distinct advantages to jumping on board and getting trained and certified. [Read More]

How To Remove And Replace A Trash Chute Door In Your Building

Trash chute doors are subjected to a lot of use and fair amount of abuse on occasions; eventually, they will need replacement with new doors, a task you can easily perform yourself. Below are items that you will need, as well as information on how you can remove and replace your facility's trash chute doors: Tools and materials needed Replacement trash chute door Self-tapping sheet metal screws Electric drill with nut driver bits Scraper or putty knife Utility knife All-purpose spray cleaner Paper towels Silicone caulk Caulk gun Wooden shims Measuring tape Step-by-step procedure [Read More]