Myths About Lead Products

In the past, lead was a heavy metal that was used in a variety of common products. However, it was revealed that this metal can pose some health risks to those that face long-term exposure. Due to the health concerns this metal can produce, there have been a variety of myths and misconceptions that have been spread about this substance, and you should know the true behind these notions so that you are better informed.

4 Questions To Ask When Considering A Solar Heater For Your Pool

After researching the benefits of using solar power to heat your pool, you may have decided to investigate the possibility of having a solar pool heater installed. However, you may still have questions about how the heater operates. If so, ask the pool representative the following four questions to help get you started gathering information. Can A Solar Heater Be Installed Into Your Current System? Whether or not a solar pool heater can be installed into your current system depends on how old your system is and what type of heater you are currently using.